The Fear of Man


‘We have brought thee here with hope in our souls,

hoping that thou canst relinquish thy goals.

Out there is a man whose soul is now lost,

for he seeketh revenge for the evil thou caused.


‘Set in his seat by us and no other,

thou hast corrupted like Abel the brother.

Thou must return with this understanding,

that thy world must be cured before days of landing.’


‘Yet what can I do? I am but one man.

I cannot escape from the wrath of my plan.

Fallen to darkness is all I have wrought,

and surrendered to emptiness is the future I brought.’


‘Then it seemeth us clearly that more lessons are needed.

Accept first thy duty as it has preceded.

Then answer one question and answer it well:

What causeth a good man his goodness to sell?’


Fensham dismissed many an answer at hand,

for he knew of the truth behind all that he planned:

‘All that I wished for in mortality’s dread

was that I would not be forgotten when finally dead.’


Sending its message with stark parity,

the figure of dust dispersed in the wind.

 And Fensham felt a pain of such clarity

that he knew he was dying and had to give in.


He fell from the peak of Creation’s rule,

and face-first he came to the ground.

With empty-heart tears, he felt fate ever cruel,

for no peace yet had Lord Fensham found.

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