And yet what I saw was so far outside

anything I imagined; and I found that I cried

as I gazed upon the creature of yellow and gold,

swimming alone through the black seas so cold.


A giant eye gazed through the glass of the Bridge,

spying me there, senses numbed by the fridge.

I found myself dumb and held there without fear.

I knew it would be different had a mortal been here.


And then I heard a voice in my mind,

as The Golden Creature was determined to find

just who had entered its expansive domain.

And all I could think of was to mutter my name.


‘Why are you out here?’ the creature demanded.

‘I am lost,’ I replied, the inference unclear.

‘I left all behind and I am remanded

to wander this vastness ‘til Death draws me near.’


‘Yet you are eternal,’ the entity noted.

‘Death will not find you where’er you go.

Are you content with this life you’ve promoted

or do you long to be finally laid low?’


‘Long have I wondered if I would embrace it.

Yet how do I know if the right choice I make?

All I have known have trembled to face it,

so it is a path I’m reluctant to take.’


‘But why would you wish this despair to continue,

when no one you love can survive?

You may fool yourself, but I see in you

a need to bring value to life.’


‘And what do you know, who aren’t even human,

of how my mind works and of what I need?

How can you look at me once, while presuming

that I am so like in the ways of your seed?’


I felt a burning in the depths of my bones,

as the anger and pain of the creature were flared.

Some unknown intuition helped me to condone

this torture; sensing that the pain we shared

was one of lost love and seeking reprieve.

It was a parallel which was hard to believe,

but the tale was told as the fury burned low:


The Golden Creature told me of how, long ago

it had been content in the company of another.

In the entire Universe, there had been but one other

like him; she was unique.

And of her beauty, relatively speaking, he did speak:


‘She shone like the sun at the end of eclipse,

illuminating worlds with her golden light.

She warmed hearts and minds, and I could not resist

her allure; I loved at first sight.


‘We lingered together for aeons untold,

exploring our playground of heavenly wonder.

I knew that my passion would never grow cold.

Her spell had been cast; I was happily under.


‘No offspring were born, nor need had arose,

for we were eternal and nought could undo.

But time catches up with its problems to pose,

and swiftly we learned of the truth of our two.


‘They told us we should be but one in this life,

that the Universe had not the place to contain.

And they inflicted upon her a terrible strife

to ensure that her end came with measures of pain.


‘And now I, alone, seek some peace ever far,

knowing that it wanders beyond my reach.

I see her warmth in every star,

but knowing my sadness, I long to teach

this lesson to any who might come my way.

Don’t reach to tomorrow for what exists this day.’


I should have taken heed of the words he spoke.

But I, thinking foolishly, focused my plans

‘pon only one aspect of the memories he cited.

I imagined what vengeance I could invoke

by meeting these killers and getting my hands

round their murderous throats; this lust I invited.


‘Where are these creatures, these bringers of death?

I’ll hunt them for you with every breath,

and deliver them pain like they’ve never known.

How dare they take from you your only home?’


‘I welcome your promise, but cannot allow

you to suffer yourself for my cause.

The evil they bring in the here and now

is so great it will bring you pause

to wonder if truly you wish to abide

in this Universe any longer.

I suffered by them and I came to decide

that moving beyond made me stronger.’


‘And yet you suggest that eternal creations

are equal at risk from their kind?

What if I decide that my situation

is driving me out of my mind?’


The creature saw then that my words had been selfish,

that I sought a way out of my cage.

‘You should leave me now to endure my Hell, this

is no longer a place for such rage.’


I left him lonely, and brought such to my door

as our paths diverged ever distant.

The Golden Creature had much to abhor

but his wisdom had made him resistant.

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