A Woman of Faith


The bodies were long buried, but the burial still stank

with the smell of deceit; it was rancid and rank.

And the woman had watched as the soldiers rode away.

They put fear in the hearts of many that day.


All they did for Maria was lay questions in her mind,

of who could be trusted and who she might find

in this place that seemed full of resentment for the crown.

Her killing of the Bodyguard had been welcomed in town.


It was only by this corrupted and saving grace

that Maria could wander from place to place

and pretend that she shared the views of these traitors.

If she let slip the truth she would be meeting her maker.


Hired by The Wise King’s merchant to act as a guard,

she thought to protect him from outlaws and rogues.

Yet now she was sure that the King’s Bodyguard

had sought to bring down a plot unexposed.


Maria was no traitor, no foe to the crown.

She would fight for The Wise King ‘til her life was laid down.

And now that she knew of her employer’s deceit,

she would stay by his side ‘til her work was complete.


For he would know not of her fealty led

by respect for The Good King and the man she shot dead.

So under a cloak of ignorance and scheme,

she planned there and then to quench rebellion’s dream.


It was then that Lord Turlough,

dressed like a peacock,

rode into town with his men at his rear:


‘Raise our defences,

for the general consensus

is that the King’s army shall soon arrive here.’


Maria strode up,

as swift as a pup

and declared herself loyal to this idiot man:


‘I fall at your feet,

with my anger replete,

and I swear ‘gainst the crown to do that which I can.’


Lord Turlough, he took her in

with a glance that salivated sin.

He shifted on his saddle lest his loins go afire,

unable and unwilling to disguise his desire.


Maria grinned a sweetheart grin,

desiring only to help The Peaceful King.

And she resigned herself to this desperate thing,

for she could only help him by diving deeper in.

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