The Dark Horseman

No one graced the tower when the church bell rang.

Pastor Bill had left his flock alone as Heaven sang,

for the demons and denizens of all hell rejoiced

as they praised the Emissary of their Master’s voice.

The inspiration for The Dark Horseman – as real inspiration often does – hit me without warning one evening in 2009 as I was driving home from college. I was listening to a compilation of Rock songs and Saxon’s cover of Ride Like the Wind came on. One line struck me for some reason: ‘I was nowhere in sight when the church bells rang’. Immediately, I saw a setting like an old cowboy movie, in which there was a white-washed wooden church with a bell-tower on top. There was an old western town, dusty and dry, and someone was looking down on it from a nearby hill…

All music kindly supplied by Revolution and is subject to copyright protection