Dear Candidate,


On behalf of the Foundation, we at Global Monitoring Inc. would like to thank you for participating in our recruitment process. You have now completed the final stage of your Psychological Evaluation, the Memory Maintenance Analysis (MMA). This analysis is necessary in order to determine to what degree you recall the events you experienced before being removed from the Foundation’s experimental facility and returned to Earth.


Of course, you will notice that this offer of employment was very much dependent upon the final choice you made in the test. While the other choices analysed subtle character traits and moral constraints which determined for us the way you live your life, the final choice was imperative for our appreciation of how you would deal with the task at hand.


As employees of Global Monitoring, Inc. and, by extension, the Foundation, it is your responsibility at all times to protect the covert nature of our operation, the truth about the Switch experiments and, above all, the knowledge of the presence of the Foundation here on Earth. Our entire operation depends upon the ability of our operatives to maintain secrecy and discretion at all times.


By choosing the option in which Paul dies, you have proven yourself not only capable of maintaining that secrecy, but also of a character necessary to carry out the vital removal of clear and present threats to that secrecy. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure, as CEO of Global Monitoring, Inc., to welcome you to our team. An information pack will be sent to your homes, wherever in the world you have been assigned to live. It will explain all that you need to know. For now, your duties can be briefly understood as follows:


You will each be assigned a list of Switch codes. These codes represent the people who are working with the enemies of the Foundation, and each of you will be provided with a list relevant to those living or operating in close proximity to you. It will be your responsibility to locate these people and to subsequently terminate them. Conditions on Earth mean that you will need to be within a one-hundred-metre range of these rebel targets. A portable device will be supplied to each of you to aid you in your task. You will simply come within range of your target and enter the relevant Switch code. You will repeat this procedure in accordance with the number of targets assigned to each of you.


We must remind you that, because you were once part of the initial Switch experiment, your own Switch remains in place and will remain active at all times. This is to ensure full compliance to the terms of your Contract of Employment. Breach of contract will result in the termination of your employment and the subsequent initiation of a timed shutdown procedure. We recognise that many of you have friends and family and may wish to inform them of your impending death. Those employees who are determined to have been in severe breach – e.g. revealing the Switch or the presence of the Foundation at Earth – will suffer immediate termination. Unlike the conditions experienced during the experimental stage, this termination is completely permanent.


However, our selection process has been designed by our very best people and we are confident that full compliance will be maintained and that none of the above will be necessary. We at Global Monitoring, Inc. value our employees greatly and we will supply you with a generous remuneration package. Each of you will be entitled to six weeks’ paid vacation per year, and a bonus scheme is in place for those of you who reach quarterly termination targets. We are sure that you will enjoy being part of our team.


For those of you who have taken part in the MMA online, please back up all your files and information and prepare for the automatic formatting of your system in order to eradicate any record of our interaction. For those of you who have taken part in the MMA in the White Room, we would ask that you now gather your belongings, and exit via the door to your right. Because we at Global Monitoring, Inc. are an environmentally conscious organisation, we ask that the last candidate to leave the White Room kindly turn off the lights. You will see the panel to your right as you exit. Simply flick the switch.



Thank you and Good Luck.


Frank Billings, CEO

Global Monitoring Inc.

Operating under contract to the Foundation

© Ronald A. Geobey 2018

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