Ode To a Timeless Man

And so, I eternally abide here, forever

knowing that by so doing I choose never

to allow myself to live again;

lest I allow myself to love again.

In this, the first of four epic poems I wrote between 2009 and 2010, my Death Anxiety converged with the darkness I was experiencing, to produce a poetic exploration of a man doomed to live for eternity with his perpetual sadness. One might wish to believe that the moral of the story is that you cannot escape from the darkness of your own mind, but the paradoxical truth of depression is that it actively entertains that darkness. Allow it to consume you and you will never want to escape from the oblivion occupying the edge of a hopeless existence. 'Ode' is not a happy poem, but it has some beautiful imagery and it is ultimately full of dark romance. Read the 1st Stanza below, and then click on each of the icons - left to right in sequence - to read through the poem.




A thousand years have passed, and thousands counted since,

‘til countless thousands accost me not.

The world lies a-ruin; but it is only

these ancient eyes which perceive it so.

I see flowers…roses everywhere.

The world I saw was a-rose, until it fell.


The end of time rides the horizon,

but it is a fleeting thing; like a teasing lover,

promising a climax that never comes.


The end of time hides in the horizon, elusive and unknown.

All else can discover its embrace, the climax of all gone before.

They live, they love; they die.


But for me there are no lovers, no friends,

no bonds emphasised by finite concerns.

I wander the expansive emptiness that people call home,

where worlds have come and gone, and time forgets them all.


Yet I forget them not.

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