My travels resumed after some time,

yet this time, alone, they were only mine.

I had to my name the money and ship

of the men I had murdered with the gun on my hip.


I witnessed a spectacular star’s dying emissions

and the wonderful birth of a sun and its fission.

The Pillars of Creation and their gaseous light

humbled me greatly for many a night

as I weighed anchor and drifted in black.

The majesty of the cosmos had a certain knack

of embracing you warmly with the comfort of awe,

the true cold of its emptiness an ironic flaw.


I met people of wandering, people alone,

people who would not or could not go home.

Many a beauty I took to my heart,

stepping back in time to leave her apart.

The company of women had lost its attraction,

and physical pleasure was merely subtraction

from what was being offered that I did not chase.

Never again did I offer my face.


After countless years, I came to a place

where Human life had not yet ventured.

The edge of the galaxy came to replace

the emptiness in which my life had been centred.


These were dangerous waters, black and uncharted,

with no sign of life on the horizon.

Strange feelings I felt of a journey just started,

in a consciousness only now arising.


Yet the tedium of the void laid out in my path

made me choose a new way to escape the wrath

of monotony, numbing and chilling with ease.

I decided to put myself into the freeze.


I slept for eternity and more besides,

‘til systems aboard brought me ‘round.

The light of some entity glowing outside

was heralded as much by the sound

of alarms suggesting a threat was at bay.

My wish for excitement was answered that day.

All music kindly supplied by Revolution and is subject to copyright protection