Flight Into Darkness


Summoned to the castle to pay dearly for the attack,

Fensham had surrendered with a smile.

But it was just as the soldiers turned their horses and backs

that Fensham set to running a mile.


Without time to gather up food for thought,

he kicked his horse as a guilty man ought.

And as he hung low over the neck of the mare,

he screamed for his life as arrows cut the air.


Some of the riders were riflemen, poorly trained

in this latest invention by which man’s blood was drained.

Yet still grass and earth exploded all ‘round

as Fensham’s mare struggled to churn up the ground.


But he made it; he escaped to the sanctuary he sought –

the forest where his mount slowed carefully...

as a careful mount ought.


Yet Lord Fensham, in all of his haste,

could not have known of the depth of this place.

And as he plunged headlong, gripping the leather,

his pursuers did not follow...

for they knew better.

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