My monologue From Egypt to Babylon: Reimagining Exodus in the Creation of Biblical Israel was published in November 2018. This deals with the evolution of the story which became Exodus, arguing that as the people maintaining the identity 'Israel' faced threats to said identity, their ancient tale of leaving Egypt was adapted to the circumstances and evolved accordingly. Click on the Cover image and choose the epub option.


Articles published in the Journal of Biblical Literature and the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures (links in images) will introduce you to this work. Currently, I'm working on a novel set in ancient Jerusalem, and I'm playing my cards close to my chest on that one.

The link will take you to an article discussing the relationship between ancient texts and contemporary behaviour. Find me on Twitter or e-mail me at if you would like to discuss any of the aforementioned work (or anything on this website).

Relevance of Ancient Texts in Modern Society

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